COMMUNITYx: The Social Justice Startup Revolutionizing Reform Connection

Whether it may be healthcare, voting rights, racial injustice, women’s rights or climate change, most of us can easily say there are social issues that stir up our passion. And unless one is living in a somewhat larger or more socially aware city, it’s not a rarity to say that many of us may also struggle to find a community of people who think alike. With the shortcomings of social media, it’s about time we take up a platform just for activists.

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This is where startups like COMMUNITYx come in. COMMUNITYx is coalition-building social network that allows like-minded individuals to gather around issues that particularly bothering them.

The urgencies and benefits of COMMUNITYx can easily be seen when looing at the shortcoming of other forms of gathering and their circumstances.

  1. Activist Coalition : Organizers behind social justice protests and events may spend up to 70% of time doing 2 things. Battling an ongoing struggle to keep their digital community glued together, or, simply even trying to find one another.
  2. Current Social Media: Does more harm than good by having fundamental properties that lead to people naturally focusing on social relationships, making it harder to prevent fragmentation and stay focused on the issue at hand.
  3. Social Media Market: Scalable community building is made difficult by the highly fragmented nature of the market across all giants — Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.

COMMUNITYx aims to instantly connect people without the threats of the traditional social media market and fragmentation. It’ll allow for the simple coalition of summits, marches, and protests. Additionally, a crowdfunding feature that makes petition building and sharing easy as pie.

Currently speaking, COMMUNITYx has built over 10,000 connections between activist and activist organizations. Early users can noted as Signs for Black Lives Matter, Platform, and Youth vs Apocalypse.

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And it’s easy to use.

To connect, simply download the app and fill out a couple causes you feel strongly about. You’ll be lead to a series of suggestions, as well as a messenger feature that allows you to directly speak with other activists. When settled in, you can contribute by posting different images, videos, petitions, and calls-to-action!

“Governments and institutions depend on us not being able to sustain momentum in moments like this. And so we wanted to create a platform that would allow people to do the extremely important work that needs to happen on the ground, but then additionally sustain that energy and that momentum past those moments.” — Chloe Sledd

COMMUNITYx founder, Chloe Sledd has deep motivations for creating the platform, turning family trauma into an impactful tech network that insures the possibility that one day, certain social issues will no longer plague the world.

COMMUNITYx is not yet available for public use.



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