Neurotech Protection?

Concussions. Skull Fractures. Hemorrhages. Just three types of brain trauma, these injuries have impacted and taken the lives of millions of people in the United States.

  • Every year, there are between 1.6 and 3.8 million concussions
  • 2% of Americans live with disabilities that have resulted from traumatic brain injury
  • And shockingly enough, nearly 25% of Americans have had a concussion

The biggest group of victims? — Athletes and Military Personell.

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  • 1 out of 5 high school contact sport athletes will be victim to a concussion this year
  • Nearly 50% of Veterans have had at least one traumatic brain injury

In comes Q30 Innovations, a neurotech startup working to revolutionize brain trauma prevention. Their product, the Q-collar, is a device worn around the neck that works to protect those in high impact situations from brain and head injuries. By applying light pressure to the jugular veins in two key areas, the Q-collar creates a slight increase in blood volume inside the skull that reduces brain movement and therefore reduces risk of brain injury upon impact. In theory, this increase in blood volume inside the head leads to a “cushion” of sorts that prevents the brain from extreme trauma when impacted. …

Push together or Push out.

2013. A monumental year — forever marked in the history of science — when CRISPR-Cas 9 technology was officially used in human genome editing. Professor Jennifer Doudna’s life as a UC Berkeley molecular biology professor would flip upside down as she’s marked one of the most revolutionary scientists of the century for taking the first taps into the potential CRISPR Cas-9 holds for humankind. Podcasts. TV interviews. Even a book. And this year, along with Emmanuelle Charpentier, the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Her discoveries, inevitably invaluable — she’s a big deal woman and will be for a long time.

But in comes Beam Therapeutics. A Seattle, Washington based biotechnology company focused on becoming one of the next “biotech giants” in genomic medicine. …

Less stress and more calm?

These days it seems like trying to mitigate stress and keep a good mood all while getting decent sleep is the next biggest task. Whether it’s an overload of school, sports, work, extracurriculars, or home responsibilities, we’ve all — at some point — felt the difficulties of trying to balance life, rest, and happiness.

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We all know that the key to improved mood and energy is sleep. So why don’t we get enough of it?

While the average teenager is supposed to get 9 hours minimum of sleep every night, they often end up getting 7–7.5 hours. For adults, it’s even worse. With 6.8 hours of sleep as the national average, 40% less than what’s recommended, it’s safe to say that most of America is not resting enough. …

No, not just your food delivery apps.

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For the eaters and the feeders, the restaurant industry just got a lot more efficient.

If you’re like me or many others I know, restaurants are the go-to delight. They breed relationships, connect family & friends, create tradition, and much more. The only issue is, sometimes it can get a bit inefficient, slow, and downright annoying — for both those working and receiving in the restaurant hospitality industry. But the game’s been changed, and it’s only get better with the help of minds, coders, and this beautiful thing we call technology. Here are 4 innovative technologies transforming the restaurant industry.

1. Wearables

Upon first glance, it may be hard to even think as to why wearables would even be slightly relevant to restauranting. When we think of wearables, the first things that often come to mind are apple watches, fitbits, exercise trackers, or even phone holders. …

A publication on All Things Redefining Humanity.

Founded 2019

Redefinition: “to give new meaning to”

What does it mean to live, interact, and survive in the human world? What does it mean to be human? Well, that’s something we can never really put a clear definition on. Why? Because what it means to be human is always changing. Thinking, innovation, laws that govern the land, and much more challenge how we live everyday. …

So you want to submit an article to CARRE4? No problem! Here’s how.

CARRE4 is a publication focused on “All things Redefining Humanity”, and as you can imagine, a lot of different topics can fit right in here. Whether it’s science, technology, literature, politics, or just life advice, as long as it fits the general theme of redefinition, change, or societal/personal effect, it belongs here!

At CARRE4 we care about what’s new, developing, impactful, or thought provoking, and how it may affect things.

A few topics we especially love

  • Emerging Science and Technology
  • Social Media
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Innovation
  • History
  • Causation &…

Pharmaceutical disruption and smartphone solutions.

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Chronic pain is the most common reason adults seek medical treatment. Recurring back pain plagues nearly 50% of working adults in the US, and around 80% of the population will experience it at some point in their life. If you suffer from it personally, you may have done the merry go round of painkillers that “maintain” the symptoms, over the counter medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractors.

Here’s where things change

Founded in 2016, digital therapeutics Startup Kaia Health is utilizing artificial intelligence to battle back pain. Kaia Health offers “mind-body therapy” for musculoskeletal disorders. It will contain tap medical education, guided physical exercise and psychological techniques. AI developed in the app will be able to pair vocal feedback with physical exercises in order to correct posture with live-time posture tracking made possible through computer vision technology, delivering effective hands-free physiotherapy via smartphone camera. …

Where, When, and How we do Health Has Changed Forever.

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Four months ago healthcare looked drastically different from what it does today, and what it will years from now. The physical limitations of healthcare that we once knew of are slowly beginning to erode. COVID-19 has essentially forced digital health innovation across the globe, erasing the notions that physical space, time, and in-immediate access to health care are an inevitable reality.

Digital Health Startups & Innovation

The adamant presence of COVID-19 has increased the urgency for technology that can connect patients to physicians without physical consultation.

Innovators are merging the worlds of digital-tech and healthcare to make it more accessible, breaking down the boundaries of restricted social interaction and physical space. Now more than ever, we need applications and technology that will allow non COVID-19 victims to get effective treatment without putting their health on the line by entering high risk spaces. Venture capitalists and investors have come to the forefront to pour money into digital health startups because they know it’s the next big thing. …

Are you?

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February 23rd, Ahmaud Arbery was shot by white residents for being black and going on a jog. March 13th, medical worker Breonna Taylor was shot to death by cops for being black and being in her house. May 25th, 46 year old George Floyd was murdered by police officers who kneeled on his neck for over 8 minutes — over a $20 bill. May 29th, black transgender man Tony Mcdade was shot to death by police officers — unarmed.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of it.

I am tired of the system. The system that oppresses people of color through healthcare, education, housing, and criminal justice. The system that allows for the killing of a black man or woman by an authority figure meant to protect and serve with absolutely no repercussion unless an entire city is burnt down. …

Living Real in a Not-So Real World.

Au·​then·​tic; “adjective”. Defined by the Merriam — Webster dictionary of English Usage as “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.”

But it is not as simple as that. Authenticity is a complex, misunderstood choice that is — not limited to being true to yourself but— deliberately seeking for further understanding of your truth, and having it reflect through deliberate action. Living authentically encompasses the proposition of intentionally living. We musn’t attempt to replicate others, but within ourselves, manifest into who we truly are by proceeding on personal and shared endeavors of self discovery and conscious action.

In the simplest terms: living authentically is the deliberate act of putting your personal values and dreams in perspective when making choices.


Shanel Pouatcha

GenZ Student interested in all things redefining humanity— Science|Tech|Startups|Pop Culture|Society :)

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