Where, When, and How we do Health Has Changed Forever.

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Four months ago healthcare looked drastically different from what it does today, and what it will years from now. The physical limitations of healthcare that we once knew of are slowly beginning to erode. COVID-19 has essentially forced digital health innovation across the globe, erasing the notions that physical space, time, and in-immediate access to health care are an inevitable reality.

Digital Health Startups & Innovation

The adamant presence of COVID-19 has increased the urgency for technology that can connect patients to physicians without physical consultation.

Introducing the “Instagram of Activism”

Whether it may be healthcare, voting rights, racial injustice, women’s rights or climate change, most of us can easily say there are social issues that stir up our passion. And unless one is living in a somewhat larger or more socially aware city, it’s not a rarity to say that many of us may also struggle to find a community of people who think alike. With the shortcomings of social media, it’s about time we take up a platform just for activists.

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This is where startups like COMMUNITYx come in. COMMUNITYx is coalition-building social network that allows like-minded individuals to…

Exploring the duality between uselessly risky experimentation and potential for human breakthrough

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At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to change something about ourselves. Whether it’s a quick dip of hair bleach or even a visit to the to plastic surgeon, our journeys as humans — and the modern meaning of human — has led our society towards a culture of “change on command”. Just like many of us fantasize about the ideas of chains of changes that’ll bring us to our ideal selves, others literally do it — superpowers included. These people are called transhumanist biohackers.

Saying goodbye to old-school data

Nearly 40% of college students report taking notes electronically. What if this statistic began to make its way into science?

Neurotech Protection?

Concussions. Skull Fractures. Hemorrhages. Just three types of brain trauma, these injuries have impacted and taken the lives of millions of people in the United States.

  • Every year, there are between 1.6 and 3.8 million concussions
  • 2% of Americans live with disabilities that have resulted from traumatic brain injury
  • And shockingly enough, nearly 25% of Americans have had a concussion

The biggest group of victims? — Athletes and Military Personell.

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  • 1 out of 5 high school contact sport athletes will be victim to a concussion this year
  • Nearly 50% of Veterans have had at least one traumatic brain injury


Push together or Push out.

2013. A monumental year — forever marked in the history of science — when CRISPR-Cas 9 technology was officially used in human genome editing. Professor Jennifer Doudna’s life as a UC Berkeley molecular biology professor would flip upside down as she’s marked one of the most revolutionary scientists of the century for taking the first taps into the potential CRISPR Cas-9 holds for humankind. Podcasts. TV interviews. Even a book. And this year, along with Emmanuelle Charpentier, the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Her discoveries, inevitably invaluable — she’s a big deal woman and will be for a long time.

Less stress and more calm?

These days it seems like trying to mitigate stress and keep a good mood all while getting decent sleep is the next biggest task. Whether it’s an overload of school, sports, work, extracurriculars, or home responsibilities, we’ve all — at some point — felt the difficulties of trying to balance life, rest, and happiness.

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We all know that the key to improved mood and energy is sleep. So why don’t we get enough of it?

No, not just your food delivery apps.

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For the eaters and the feeders, the restaurant industry just got a lot more efficient.

If you’re like me or many others I know, restaurants are the go-to delight. They breed relationships, connect family & friends, create tradition, and much more. The only issue is, sometimes it can get a bit inefficient, slow, and downright annoying — for both those working and receiving in the restaurant hospitality industry. But the game’s been changed, and it’s only get better with the help of minds, coders, and this beautiful thing we call technology. Here are 4 innovative technologies transforming the restaurant industry.

1. Wearables

Upon first glance, it may be hard to even think as to why wearables would…

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